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What does Customer Service mean to Moneytree? Well, to our company, it’s worth its weight in gold. In fact, it’s so valuable that it’s one of our Core Values.  

Since we first opened our doors in 1983, we’ve prided ourselves on delivering a truly exceptional experience for every customer, with every visit. Customers have come to expect this level of service and it’s truly what keeps them coming back. We don’t think of the “extra mile” as “extra” because it’s just what we do. So it’s no surprise that our Core Value of Extraordinary Service has always been one of the three prongs of our Mission.

How We Maintain Our Commitment to Customer Service

Consistently delivering on our promise to provide extraordinary service isn’t always easy. It takes a solid commitment from team members who strive to be the best at what they do. It takes training, follow up, feedback and support from leaders who are service-minded and dedicated to setting a great example.

The ability to provide extraordinary service also comes from caring enough to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, to treat him or her the way you’d love to be treated. So whether it’s someone visiting a Moneytree branch for the very first time, or a fellow team member calling the Customer Service Department looking for help, we believe that everyone deserves the same valuable level of care. And that’s what customer service means to us at Moneytree!

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Let’s see what our resident expert, Michele W., who has been with Moneytree for over 30 years, has to say. Michele manages our Customer Service Department and she’s excited to share how delivering exceptional service to everyone, including our fellow team members, is simply a way of life for her and her team.

Speaking of delivering exceptional service, Michele also wanted to share one of her favorite stories about a team member who went above and beyond to assist a customer with her online application.

So whether you’re a customer or a Moneytree team member looking for a little help, you can always expect a level of service that stands out as exceptional.  

Do You Like What You Hear?

If this sounds like a team you’d love to be a part of, check out our career opportunities. Not only will you have the satisfaction of delivering extraordinary service to customers, but you’ll also be on the receiving end of our exceptional internal service. 

For more about Moneytree and our products and services, check out the What We Do section of the Moneytree Blog.

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