Moneytree Customer Spotlight: Sharon’s Story

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Photograph of Moneytree customer Sharon O.

The Moneytree story started from humble beginnings, and our success has been built through hard work, happy customers, a great team, and a little bit of luck. At Moneytree, our Mission is to be the best provider of retail financial services by exceeding our customers’ expectations, creating a professional work environment, and positively impacting the communities in which we live and work. 

Throughout the past 37 (going on 38) years in business, Moneytree has followed its Mission and in doing so has built countless positive relationships with our customers, communities, and others. Our customer, Sharon and her inspiring story is one (of our favorite) examples…

Who is Sharon?

Years ago, Sharon’s life was sailing along smoothly when it hit a snag. Her marriage came upon a rocky road and she was suddenly single with only half of her former household income to try to make ends meet. Sharon didn’t have a lot of warning and was really struggling to pay her bills. She was afraid that if she didn’t come up with something quick that she could lose her car … and her home. So, Sharon decided to turn to her local Moneytree Branch, where she applied for and received a payday loan to help her through the tough spots. As it turns out, it was a really good decision. Sharon was able to avoid costly late fees and penalties by paying her bills (including her mortgage) on time. And, knowing that Moneytree was “there” for her, gave Sharon (and her family) a sense of financial security. 

Years later, Sharon doesn’t struggle with the same stressful challenges of those earlier years.  She stands firmly on her own financial two feet and doesn’t worry so much about paying the bills. In fact, today Sharon even owns and manages her own small business. And, she was inspired by a lifelong spirituality to become a reverend at her local Pentecostal Church, where she preaches, leads Bible studies courses (virtually during COVID-19, of course) and conducts outreach for homeless shelters in the Seattle area.  

Nevertheless, Sharon says she still likes to see her friends at Moneytree: “At one time I borrowed from Moneytree because I needed the money to save my home and to provide for my family. Moneytree was there for me and believed in me when no one else did. Now, I have a business and my customers pay me for my services – sometimes with a check. I could cash that business check at my bank, but I choose to come to Moneytree because they are my friends. They are always friendly and they care about me. I love supporting Moneytree because Moneytree supported me.”  

Why we take our commitment to our customers seriously

Many Moneytree customers have similar stories – they come to Moneytree for help in solving a problem and they end up being life-long customers and friends. When you come to Moneytree, you can and should expect the “Sharon” treatment which means: 

  • We won’t judge you
  • We treat EVERYONE with dignity and respect
  • We are committed to delivering extraordinary customer service in every extraordinary (and every ordinary) transaction (it’s kind of a thing with us)
  • We love solving problems
  • We truly like our customers
  • We hope you become a life-long friend … like Sharon

To sum it up, according to Sharon: “Moneytree is like a home, like a family.” We feel the same way about you, Sharon. Thanks for your business and for being part of our family for so many years! 

To find out more about us, visit our website at You can also check our products and services by visiting us in-branch or online. We can’t wait to meet you! 

Moneytree has received this testimonial from Sharon, a verified customer, with Sharon’s full and express consent. Moneytree safeguards the confidentiality of all personal or financial information about its customers, and does not disclose such information without the consent of the customer, in accordance with applicable laws. Sharon has not received any compensation in exchange for her testimonial. However, for the sake of full transparency, Moneytree has previously donated to Sharon’s nonprofit organization, the Seattle Union Gospel Mission, and may donate again in the future, as part of its Mission to support the communities in which Moneytree Team Members and Customers live and work. This testimonial reflects Sharon’s real life experience. This testimonial is not necessarily representative of what anyone else using our products may experience.

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