Moneytree’s Commitment to Customer Service: Part Three

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What does Customer Service mean to us? We hope you’ve been keeping up on our series on Customer Service! If not, check out parts one and two of “Customer Service at Moneytree” and then read on!  There’s more! This week we are featuring Customer Service in our retail Branches … where it’s all about making a connection with each and every Customer who comes in. 

We caught up with District Manager, Ruby C. Ruby is an expert delivering on the promise of customer service contained in Moneytree’s Mission!

What Does Customer Service Mean to the Teams at Moneytree Branches?

Well, it starts with a common goal: leaving the customer thinking, “wow, that was a great experience and I’ll definitely be returning!” It requires respect, empathy, and patience when helping every customer who walks through Moneytree’s doors. Check out more about what Ruby has to say on our commitment to Customer Service:

Ruby also spoke on the connection formed with customers, and how trust and conversations can build a genuine relationship between team members and customers. See below:

But How do Team Members Learn Great Customer Service Skills in the First Place?

Providing excellent Customer Service standards is an ongoing process. Ruby explains how Customer Service is a “top down” process at Moneytree.

If delivering extraordinary service is something you’d like to be a part of, visit our careers page to see what opportunities await. Or, simply check out What We Do if you’re interested in learning more about Moneytree as a company.

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