Recognizing National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

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We all know the important role that animal shelters play in offering temporary care and sanctuary for lost and (unfortunately) abandoned animals, but just “how big” of a role might surprise you. 

Why Animal Shelters Matter

Approximately 6.3 million companion animals enter shelters across the U.S. every year; and when you think about the fact that there are only about 3,500 shelters in existence throughout the country, that is a LOT of helpless and in-need animals to care for at each one of those shelters.

At Moneytree, we are BIG animal lovers! In fact, one of our philanthropic causes that we are proud to support is animal welfare. So it only makes sense that we should recognize and appreciate our local shelters and the people who keep them running during “National Animal Shelter Appreciation” week.

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week was started in 1996 by the Humane Society of the United States to recognize the many shelters that provide care to the millions of displaced animals across America each year. It also serves to honor the people and organizations working hard to support and care for all of those animals. Here are some great ways to give back during National Animal Shelter Appreciation week: 

How to Observe National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

  1.  Adopt a pet. If you are in a place in your life where you feel like you can commit to an animal companion, consider adopting a shelter animal. You will have so many great companions to choose from. Puppies and kittens are always a big draw, but consider making the life-changing decision to adopt an older dog or cat. Older and disabled animals are often harder to place, but they are also the most grateful and loyal. Just think of all those cuddles and belly rubs! And if you are not quite ready to make the full commitment, many shelters offer trial adoptions or even fostering. Before you adopt or foster, be sure you can handle both the personal and financial responsibility. Check out Prepping Your Budget for a New Pet to help you get financially ready.
  2. Visit a shelter and get involved. Nothing says appreciation like giving back, and shelters often need volunteers to help keep things running smoothly. And who doesn’t want to spend their free time hanging out with a bunch of grateful animals? Sign us up!
  3. Donate to a shelter. Most animal shelters are non-profits and often struggle with lack of funding, so donating will go a long way to help make ends meet. 

How Moneytree Supports

Part of Moneytree’s Mission is to support the communities in which we live and work, and we do that through our charitable giving programs.

The Moneytree Community Involvement Fund supports groups that devote their efforts to a number of causes, one of which is animal welfare. If you want to request assistance for your nonprofit animal shelter or other nonprofit animal welfare cause, you can submit a request for support.

We also offer “Volunteer Time” as a benefit to Moneytree team members. It’s a charitable giving program in which Moneytree will donate money in the amount of “matched” time contributed from a full-time team member who volunteers at a charity that meets Moneytree’s Philanthropic Guidelines. In other words, if a team member goes above and beyond for an eligible charity, we go with them!

Recognizing Shelters AND Pets!

Well, it is obvious that we LOVE animals at Moneytree. We also LOVE sharing photos of our own animal besties. Check out some of Moneytree’s team members’ pets who are living their best lives thanks to the efforts of local shelters, rescue groups and volunteers.

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