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You’re a baker with a super sweet, small local shop known for creating the best wedding cakes in town. So when a soon-to-be-bride is looking to make her upcoming nuptials a massive success, she naturally turns to you. And who could say “no” to a bride … even if she does want a ridiculously large red velvet cake for her ceremony that is in just two days?! Talk about last minute … but you’re the best baker around and you’re up for the challenge, right? Maybe …

Turns out the ingredients for a massive wedding cake aren’t cheap and while the bride’s deposit will more than cover it – you’ve only got two days to get it all done and your bank is not cooperating! Not only is it closed for the weekend, it isn’t going to give you the cash you need today, anyway. Yes, unfortunately, you’ve gotten VERY familiar with your bank putting a hold on checks written out to your business, which often means waiting days (sometimes up to 10 days or longer) for your check cashing funds to show up in your account. 

But now is no time for a bank hold to ruin the day. You’ve got a cake to make and a wedding to save. In other words, you need your “dough” NOW.

Small business owners deal with a lot of every day pressures, but cashing checks made out to their businesses and getting the funds that they need promptly shouldn’t be part of them. 

That’s where Moneytree can help. 

How you ask? 

Moneytree Cashes Checks Made Payable to Your Business

Simple as that. In fact, we are specialists at it. Oh sure, we cash a lot of other types of checks too (payroll, insurance, government, settlement checks, insurance checks, etc.)  BUT – if you’re a flummoxed cake artist, and you bring us that cake-makin’ deposit check, we will do our very best to cash it – and cash it fast!* And, with Instant Funding,^ Moneytree can deposit the money straight into your qualifying debit card account. – no extra trip to the bank necessary! Or you can always walk out with the cash instead – the choice is yours!

We Love Large Checks

While banks, credit unions and other check cashers shy away from large checks, we love them!  Other check cashers have limits on big checks. But not Moneytree. We don’t put limits on the size of a check that we will cash. And, we can fully fund most checks the same day. 

Instant Access

Moneytree goes the extra mile to give you access to your funds today. Tired of waiting for your funds? Give us a try. We can make your funds available instantly in a variety of convenient ways: cash, load to your prepaid debit card, or instantly deposit the funds into your bank account using your debit card.

“When I deposit my checks into the bank, they will hold the funds for a couple of days. Moneytree gives me cash right away!” – Colorado-based Moneytree Customer, Ruben G.

No Credit Check

There’s no hassle and no credit check is necessary at Moneytree. We make the verification process friendly, easy and personal. 


We are conveniently located and open when your bank is closed. Most of our locations are open in the evenings with weekend hours and on most holidays. Moneytree Branches are also located right in local neighborhoods. When we say “convenience” we mean it!

“I go to Moneytree for my Business Check Cashing needs because my bank will place a five day hold on any new company checks I bring them. I don’t have that kind of time to wait – I need the funds for my business as soon as possible!” – Colorado-based Moneytree Customer, Arnulto S.

It doesn’t matter what kind of small business or business needs you have – business check cashing services at Moneytree can help you find a quick and convenient financial solution when you need it most. So the next time you need to cash your customers’ checks, think of Moneytree – your fast, convenient solution for getting your business checks cashed quickly, without a lot of hassle. Avoid the “holds” and stop by today to learn more about how we can help you take care of business.   

The next time you need a business check cashed, quickly, find a branch near you and explore your check cashing options.

*Subject to verification and cash availability.

^Instant Funding is not available for all debit cards. Subject to limitations. Some restrictions may apply. Transactions that are solely Western Union wire transfer payouts are not eligible for Instant Funding. Processing times vary. In most instances funds are transferred in approx. 30-45 minutes, but can take longer. Moneytree is not responsible for bank, processor and other third-party posting delays or errors.

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