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It’s a fresh New Year, so let’s make it YOUR Year! We all have resolutions, whether we want to lose weight, eat healthy, volunteer more, or quit a bad habit. But how about some less obvious goals, like reconnecting with family, expanding your small business, taking a class, or starting a new hobby? Moneytree products and services can help you achieve your goals.

Really? How? Well, we’re glad you asked (and we’d love to tell you even if you didn’t). Let’s explore the possibilities.

Check Cashing

Moneytree started out in the check cashing business, and 38 years later – nobody does it better than we do. We love cashing all kinds of checks: personal checks, insurance checks, settlement checks – we even cash checks made payable to businesses. Our rates are low, we cash checks for any amount and we don’t put bank holds on your funds. That means you get your funds right away. So, if you’re thinking about starting or expanding your small business; or you just want a fast, convenient personal check cashing option; stop by Moneytree, where check cashing is our specialty. 

Tax Check Cashing

And since we are talking about checks, let’s talk about tax refund checks. At Moneytree, we cash tax refund checks at a low rate of just 1.99%. And you get access to your money right away. So if your New Year’s resolution includes using that tax return to start a new hobby, or plan a fun-filled outing with your loved ones, bring your tax check to Moneytree. You’ll get your cash fast so you can focus on what’s important to you.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Moneytree sells prepaid debit cards that you can use anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. You can pay bills, withdraw cash from ATMs, and make purchases in stores or online. Loading funds is also fast and simple. You can also take advantage of the convenience of direct deposit to your card if you like. So if you’re looking for a convenient and secure way to spend, budget, or save your hard-earned cash; give a Moneytree purchased debit card a try. 

Western Union Wire Transfer

Maybe your New Year goals include helping friends or family with their cash needs. As an agent for Western Union Money Transfers, Moneytree can help.* With a Western Union Money Transfer, you can send money to friends and family throughout the United States, Mexico, and most of the world in minutes. Consider Moneytree your “friends and family” partner when you need to transfer cash fast. 

Whatever your goals for a fresh new year, Moneytree offers a variety of products and services to help get you on your way. Come check us out and explore our complete offering of financial services. 

Want to learn more about us and our products? Check out the What We Do section of the Moneytree blog.

*Western Union is available at most Moneytree locations, except in Los Angeles.

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