Four Tips to Help You Find a Great Employer

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People have more career choices today than ever before. According to CNBC, there are approximately two jobs for every job seeker. And while the market is competitive for employers, it can still be difficult for job seekers to find the right fit.   

If looking for a new career makes you feel a little like Goldilocks searching high and low for a career and employer that is “just right,” here are four tips to help narrow your search. 

Your Growth and Development is Important

A good employer will be interested in your personal growth because they know it will make you a better employee. So, if you’re in the process of finding a new job, it is important to consider if your potential employer’s ability to help you grow looks promising. Here are some sample questions to ask an employer during the interview process:

  • Tell me a little bit about your training and development program?
  • Do you have a mentorship program?
  • What continuing education benefits will I have?
  • What does a typical career path for a successful employee look like at your company?
  • How does your company support new skill development?

A good employer will let you know that it’s more than just the work. When you feel supported and encouraged to grow, you’ll be happier and perform your job at a higher level.

Commitment to Mission and Values

There’s nothing that feels better than finding a company whose culture and values align with your own. When an employer makes their mission clear and works to make sure it shows up in the workplace culture, it makes your decision to accept a job offer that much easier. So when considering a potential new employer, visit the company’s website and social media accounts to research its mission and core values.

Standout Benefits

Competitive pay is obviously important, but a robust benefits package can sometimes be even more attractive. Research your potential new employer’s benefits package. Ask questions like: 

  • Do you have a summary page of your benefits I could review?
  • What benefit do you offer that sets you apart from other companies?
  • Ask specifically about the benefit that is important to you – “What volunteer support do you offer?” “How is your dental coverage?” “Do you support adoption along with your other maternity/paternity benefits?” 

A robust benefit plan that includes retirement benefits, student loan repayment programs, tuition reimbursement, and even pet insurance discounts, show that your employer really cares about you beyond just the work you perform each day.

If You Desire Stability, Choose Carefully

In a recent study of U.S. employees, it was found that over half of participants were seeking better stability and security in their job. But sometimes, things are not quite as good as they appear. Do your research ahead of time and look for a company with a stable track record.

Choosing a new job is challenging, but it is possible to find the perfect fit. Knowing what to look for in a great employer can help you make smarter, more informed decisions that will lead to higher work satisfaction. We hope your next employer will be the perfect fit!

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